Palmarket is a family owned property of the Vidotti family, which has emerged as a management of the Palmarket supermarket in Pagnacco, has evolved over the last few years as a distribution of Food & Beverage products for both GDO and DO channels both in Italy and abroad.

Our features are:

  • Our warehouse for warehousing and logistic operations, based in Martignacco (Ud).
  • Wide list, with over 5,000 references available.
  • Presence of all major brand-name products available on the Italian market.
  • Constant convenience of the entire range thanks to the large number of suppliers.
  • Periodic and targeted price deals.
  • Numerous offers on products purchased on stock.

In particular for the ITALIAN MARKET:

  • Distribution of fresh products in the Italian market.
  • Assortment of gastronomic products, cold cuts and cheeses of absolute and proven quality.
  • Possibility to cover up to 100% the needs of a point of sale.

Especially for the FOREIGN MARKET:

  • Organized for EU and EXTRA-EU sales.
  • Logistic closeness to all destinations in Eastern Europe, Austria, Germany.